<tc>brand mission</tc>

YUAN is a children's clothing brand based on the concept of "Hope and Blessing.” The designs are inspired by traditional needlework performed by mothers and grandmothers in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. The culturally significant symbols, patterns, and techniques featured in the collection, coupled with modern lines and textures, prove that true innovation is rooted in a deep respect for the things we inherit.

YUAN is a new brand from the largest children’s apparel company in Taiwan, les enphants. Modern interpretations of traditional needlework, thoughtfully designed with impeccable craftsmanship, YUAN is “hope, that you can wear.”

<tc>brand story</tc>

This is a story about hope. This kind of hope begins with a thread. Guided by a needle, the thread travels in and out of a piece of fabric, stitching and embroidering totems and symbols that speak the secret language of love and protection. Strand upon strand of threads, tightly knitting together a mother's most affectionate blessings for her children, spinning them into "hope, that you can wear.”

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