Payment Methods
  1. Real-time online one-swipe payment by credit card
  2. ATM Transfer/Internet ATM Transfer
  3. UnionPay Card
Shipping method
  1. Your order will be processed immediately after the account is confirmed, and we will ship within three working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays).
  2. Delivery by TA-Q-Bin/7-11/Family Mart pickup method.
  3. The scope of delivery is limited to all counties and cities on the island of Taiwan (excluding PO Boxes).
  4. If our store cannot accept your order, we will notify you within three working days after receiving your order. Unless otherwise provided by law.
Taiwan (including Taiwan, Penghu, Jinma) delivery method and shipping cost
Location Shipping Method Estimated delivery time Shipping
Mainland Taiwan Express delivery 1-3 working days (excluding holidays)
*about 2-5 working days (excluding holidays) in special remote areas
Mainland Taiwan Superstore Pickup 2-3 working days (excluding holidays)
*about 2-5 working days (excluding holidays) in special remote areas
Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu Post Office Delivery Depending on the sailing date $80
Shipping fee calculation rules for Taiwan:
  1. For the same order, send to the same address, no limit to the quantity and type of products, one shipping fee will be charged
  2. If you need to send to different addresses, be sure to place the order separately. If the order is placed for the same order, but it needs to be sent to a different address, the shipping fee will be charged according to the number of recipient addresses.
  3. Eligible for free shipping.

◎ We will notify you by email after completing the delivery process. If you have not received your product within the scheduled time, please write to Contact us and we will do your enquiry right away.